Bimper, for 20 years, Bimper has been selling EPDM membranes for watter projects like: comercial building, residential building, phreatic water tables, retaining pools for irrigated waters, ornamental or purines contention pools.

We offer our technical assessment to constructors, stores, installers or owners; we can make a budget for the materials supply or we can address them to our authorized installers all around Spain.

Our premise has always been to satisfy our customers offering them the best quality and the best service at its fair price; this has leading us to be able to cover the needs of a wide range of customers that are already using the best products, like EPDM.

EPDM rubber, the waterproofing material most used in monolayer systems. It well resists extreme temperatures, the aggression of ultraviolet rays and of the ozone, what turns it into a very resistant to the open air material.

It is made in thick of 1,14 mm. and 1,52 mm.; the width of the modules go from 3,05 m. to big pieces of 15,25 m. width; and the length is of 30,50 m. for all the widths. Its presentation in a wide range of blankets of different sizes allows covering big surfaces with a minimum of joints.

There are different installation systems: in ballast, mechanically fixed and full adhered.


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